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While Hosting This Lifestyle Blog I Want To Be Engaged More With Myself And Take You Along The Way With Me And My Journey. Appreciating Life From The Littlest Things To The Biggest, Knowing I Want To Do Better This Is My Purpose To become Better And Realizing Whats Right In Front Of Me. “

~ Xoxo Chey

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Reminder : I believe

I believe that you will achieve great things. but you can’t move mountains if you don’t take care of yourself first. get some water. get some fuel. and get some good sleep. ~ Xoxo chey 🫶🏽


Hello to my November 🤍. I’m claiming nothing but great success this month new memories to capture with different but great energies around !! 🤎 I’m aiming for a new experiences this month with home, school, and my life❕I want all my Queens to know in this month some of us will be challenged Emotionally, […]

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