Rescue Pup

There Is No Better Love Than What A Rescue Dog Can Give You!! We Found My little Girl Rox-c Where You Would Find Most Cats Instead Of Dogs Just Straying Around Garbage Trying To Find Food & Shelter.

Let Me Tell Y’all She Was so Skinny Her Hair Was Matted In Different Places By Her Hair Being So Long And Unkept With, She Was Beyond Thirsty The Way She Was Drinking Puddles Or For That Matter Any Thing Liquid She Ran Into 🥺 & Once I’ve Spotted Her Little Self I Just Knew It Was Meant To Be !! By It Taking Some Time I’ve Gained Her Trust And Brought Her Home With Me ❤️‍🩹 And I Speak For The Both When I Say This , I Needed Her Without Even Knowing It.

If You Looking To Bring A Dog Or A Pup Into Your Home I Really Recommend Looking At Your Local Dogs Home And How You Can Support Them 🤍🙌🏽. I Know Some People May Be Put Off Because They Aren’t Puppies And They May Be A Little Older But You will Always Find What You Want It Just Takes Time.

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  1. Cassandra Demps Avatar
    Cassandra Demps

    Yes I agree you’ll be surprised at the amount of joy n happiness they bring into your life.

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