Full Moon in Virgo 03.18.2022

Tonight, the full moon is in part of the sky known as Virgo.

This period of time provides a great opportunity to check-in with yourself and cultivate your inner world. 💜

To help make the most of this full moon’s energy, consider exploring the following themes…

How much importance do you place on external validation? How might things look differently if you focused on finding it within?

If things have gone well since the new moon on March 3rd, you could be feeling the value of taking space for yourself. As you develop a greater awareness of what your contribution in the world can be, you may notice yourself responding less to the perceived judgment of others or their discomfort with you. And if it hasn’t been going so well lately – try not to be hard on yourself. Instead, focus on discovering an intensified kind of self-love. 🤍

Do your self-care routines support your body’s current needs? It’s easy to forget to tend to your body when you’re busy, I get it trust me! so make an effort to tune into how you’re feeling physically. Listening to what your body is telling you during this moon phase may inspire you to make some shifts in your self-care routines.

Who do you feel your best around?

This full moon can make it easier to isolate yourself, especially if you already tend to be introverted, shy, or withdrawn. While it’s important to discriminate wisely when it comes to sharing time with people, if you keep too much to yourself you could miss the opportunity to explore your true nature with more clarity and confidence.

How can you be of service to others?

Right now there’s a tremendous possibility to access deep feelings of empathy and sensitivity. Your sensitivity to sorrow, grief, and suffering around you will be heightened. More than usual, you’ll feel the urge to be of help and while it’s important to allow yourself to be open to these feelings for others, remember to take space for yourself. 🧘🏽‍♀️

The intention now is to align yourself to sacred work that gives you a greater sense of purpose. Doing so also allows you to free yourself from labels and expectations that are not part of your path.

~ xoxo chey ~ 💋

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