I Admit ā€¦

I can Admit that I got a dope soul. And need to Stop regretting being a caring person, like foreal who else do the same thing ?? šŸ˜© it bothers me so much but Whole time Whoever got to experience me, Iā€™m sure needed my light at that time. And I can say I was available and I will stay available, while committed to my own love tho .. (threw you off right?lol) but yesss!! Queens we need to stop being available for just others, we need to be present for ourselves too!! & Without doubting our worth or the beauty of our Own truth šŸ‘‘. Iā€™m healing for myself and stopping the compromising, & raising my standards with friendships or relations Iā€™m calling it now.

While still all learning not to rush. To let life be beautiful. To be present.To be happy with right now. While appreciating life period. šŸ¤ā˜•ļø

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