October 10th…

Hello besties it’s been a minute right, listen life always find a way to whoop ass 🥱 y’all know exactly what I mean. despite the bad start of October I had Im not going to allow the rest of the month be affected. Yes I would love a break from walking over rocks in my life but in some way the universe know Im made for anything .. so I just tackle my emotions with positive sights and keep it pushing.

My mindset be so different that’s why I may not vibe with most people. But when I do it’s genuine intent!! so disregard me going through my anxiety or depression at some moments. I share with y’all real moments for me and I appreciate all the love and support this far it allows me to know there is many kings and queens all over the world that relate with me and I’m not by myself . 🤍

Let’s have a great week yall and get this bag!! 🥱

Xoxox~ chey

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